At the heart of data centric innovation, we are more than just a small and independent blog about innovation.

We're dedicated to the future and want to help you better understand innovation. Drawing from the vast spectrum of innovation science, we want to inspire both dreamers and doers to craft a brighter tomorrow.

Because at the end of the day, the strength of a thought or an idea is measured by its translation into action and we aim to contribute by empowering your understanding and your action.

Our goal is to distill the essence and curate as well as simplify the vast landscape of innovation knowledge, making it universally accessible and engaging for those who wish to explore.

What we do

We weave stories, craft principles, and illuminate pathways in this data and Artificial Intelligence era. With a deep sense of purpose and a belief in the limitless potential of doers and dreamers, we exist to redefine perceptions and inspire to drive progress for a better tomorrow.

The vision is to shed light on topics and changes from various perspectives in order to holistically and proactively consider the effects of our decisions. The focus of our activities lies in the transformation and change of the individual and collective perception on how to shape innovation, shape our future work and thereby our economy.

At Wismodia, we are advocates for the synthesis of knowledge, recognizing the wealth of insights revealed across various disciplines. We understand the critical need to integrate this diverse knowledge, using advanced machine learning and A.I. tools to distill and unify complex information, driving forward our mission to illuminate the interconnectedness of modern innovation.

About the Creator

Ramtin Ghasemipour-Yazdi is an innovation architect with over two decades of experience. He has held Senior Manager roles in various software and data centric startups and has specialised in business analytics and simulations. Throughout his career, Ramtin has provided consultation and advisement to numerous startups, established companies and investors, leveraging advanced analytical tools and methodologies to unearth and model novel business concepts and opportunities. He holds an dual MBA from the Vienna University of Economics as well as the Vianna University of Technology s and an honors Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Derby.

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